VFE Mentoring Program

First steps in finding your path to success is to provide your services value

A mentorship program for serious minded Massage & Manual Therapists seeking business development, financial growth, and a supportive platform. This is what makes Vision For Enrichment (VFE) unique, we are not trying to provide you employment. What we provide goes beyond a position of a W-2 job. We not only coach and mentor you to develop your skills as a practitioner, but we focus on your overall growth and development as a business person, building a stable clientele base, and a partner and team member of an already established massage business platform. We do not take a commission from our therapists, and what you make goes directly into your own pocket. What you give VFE is a payment to invest in your journey while being apart of Team VFE, as we continue to invest our time and effort into you and your development. What you give VFE as a monthly payment is nothing compared to the outcome and results you will receive in just a few months. Find out more, and don’t hesitate to contact us! We look forward to hearing from you and extending our connection, in hopes that you take the next step with VFE.

About Founder of VFE

Over 30 years of experience working with athletes, teams, coaches, trainers, and your everyday individual. Rich Lorton has been on every side of the human body, human behavior, and business development. Rich started from the ground up, and literally starting his day waking up in his car while being homeless during the beginning year of developing the business we know of here, Vision For Enrichment (VFE). Rich has an multi-prenuerial mindset, and keeps the creative wheels always spinning as business develops. Pivoting is key to Rich’s success, but where there is success, there have been failures to learn from. Now, he has come to this period, one of wanting to provide his leadership, knowledge and guidance to those ready to partner and be apart of his team.

Allow VFE to support you & your new career.

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