The Bittersweet Relationship of Doing What You Love

FEBRUARY Featured Athlete – Mayra Garcia Sport – Ultra Trail Runner Getting injured is definitely my biggest fear when it comes to running and it happened to me. It will be my 4th year with a pain in my butt, literally, I have piriformis syndrome. I started with some pain and discomfort on my left glute, I ignored it for months until I couldn’t take the pain and I had to stop running. I stopped running for about 6 to 8 months and started swimming & taking cycling classes at the gym. But then I decided, it’s been a while I think I can start running again.

My first run, wow, I felt great no pain but as weeks passed the pain came back & even with pain, I was racing but taking pain medications (Something I don’t recommend to anyone because it can become addicting). During a run Jerry noticed that I was in pain & said to me, I’m taking you to see Rich from Vision for Enrichment he can help you.

I decided to go see Rich (at his Pasadena location, only location at the time) I told him what was wrong with me and as soon as he started working on me, he was able to feel how bad my glute was. After he finished with me, I remember asking him if I should stop running, his answer was no, but do take it easy, I always follow what he suggests. And that is how Vision For Enrichment came into my life and has been part of it ever since.

Rich was the light I needed at that time, not only is he my therapist but also a good friend now. Yes, I continue to have pain, but my injury is nothing that goes away overnight, plus I’ve been running since I was 16 and I have done major damage to that same area years ago (scar tissue). I can say that thanks to VFE, I can now run yes with discomfort at times, but I can run. I’ve been able to complete several marathons, 30k’s and 50k’s and I don’t do so bad, but the reason why is because I get on the table constantly to make sure I get to the race in good shape.

So, my suggestion to anyone, if you’re feeling a nagging pain or any discomfort that concerns you, it’s better to be safe than sorry and make an appointment than thinking you can “run it off”!  If you’ve been injured a few times like I have, you don’t take any chances! I wish I knew where to turn in those days because when I was injured, it was very hard on me emotionally.  When you fall in love with running and then you suddenly can’t do it anymore, it’s a tough pill to swallow! It can be really hard to accept that you’re injured. Thankfully, you can, and you will get through it based on my experiences as an being an injured runner.

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