Ray joyce

Ray Joyce

VFE Office: Pasadena - Monday - Wednesday & Friday
Certifications & Skill Set
  • Sports Massage
  •  Neuromuscular Techniques
  • Deep Tissue Techniques
  • Cupping
  • Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

Raymond Joyce is a graduate of the National Holistic Institute, A College of Massage Therapy (https://nhi.edu/). Raymond’s expertise stems from a passion for understanding the intricacies of the human body and his commitment to providing personalized care for every individual he treats. With a firm grounding in therapeutic massage techniques, Raymond has attained advanced proficiency in neuromuscular massage therapy, allowing him to effectively address connective tissue and muscle pain, as well as improve mobility and function.

Raymond is an enthusiastic athlete himself. His commitment to personal physical challenges has led him to complete the NYC Marathon, Los Angeles Marathon, and the Vineman Ironman. Raymond brings the same disciplined approach and dedication to all aspects of his life, inspiring others with his drive and passion for
holistic wellness.

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David Graduated from National Holistic Institute in 2023. His interest in Massage Therapy stemmed from his work as a personal trainer where he found his clients had a need for greater mobility and flexibility. Recovering and improving mobility and flexibility became a focus not only in personal training but in his practice as a massage therapist.David wanted to work with individuals in a setting where they could have a good line of communication and a lasting effect on the clients lifestyle and overall well-being. David Believes across all ages if you move better YOU FEEL BETTER!

Outside of work David can be found in the gym focusing on either weight training or calisthenics. David also enjoys isolation for self reflection with the belief change should come from the inside out, and that dedication to your health and mental well being is crucial. We have the greatest influence over our own lives, let’s make some positive changes!