Phill Luna

Phill Luna

VFE Office: Pasadena - Mon/Wed: 11a-9p; Th: 9a-4p; Fri: 10a-5p; Weekends Upon availability
Certifications & Skill Set
  • Sports Massage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Deep Tissue
  • Myofascial Decompression Cupping

Additional Education: 

Being a child of the 80’s and living in the 90’s, Phill was able to  experience an active childhood. Playing all sports thru high school, you name it, he played it growing up. Basketball was Phil’s main calling though. Even if it was just running around the neighborhood blocks, playing ‘kick the can’ or ’Tag’, climbing roofs (you can ask him later), riding bikes or skateboarding, Phill has  always been on the move, which allows him to understand being active,  and the many injuries and aches that come along with being physically active.

The urge to explore and remain physically active has never stopped for Phil, and continued to evolve to new sports and activities as an adult. Today, Phill is deep into Cycling, Hiking, Running, Camping and Breathing.

It’s always been about connecting with people, exchanging positive energy for Phill. Creating an experience &/or enjoying a moment with each individual. Phill wants to be able to offer more to the community & to be able able to help people connect with their bodies, work through injuries, help keep and live the active lifestyle. This has all led him in  pursuing the study of Massage Therapy & Health Education, in order to fulfill that ability to want to help and be of service and to become an ambassador to an active / therapeutic lifestyle. 

When not with clients, you may run into Phill on the trails hiking and running. You may also drive by him as he is out on the roads cycling. Most of all, Phil makes that quality time to spend with his family.

“Add all that up with my study of Massage Therapy, sports therapy focused approach, solid team and mentorship, a wonderful community of athletes/clients/family/friends, now top it off with VFE.”