Defining Your Balance

MARCH Featured Athlete – Mike Enriquez, business owner of CFR. Sport – Weight lifting, Crossfit

I started CrossFit around 2010 and joined a gym later that year in Glendale. I was always big on sports and played hockey majority share of my childhood and teen years. CrossFit to me now, means more than anything. It’s vice I have that helps keep me on my feet to maintain that health aspect of life. Being a father and husband means the world to me and CrossFit assists in that.

It really helps me define what I’m capable of doing and handling in my everyday life. When my cousins and best friend decided we wanted to open up our own space, I knew this was something I really wanted to do. I wanted to help people through the fitness and so far so good, it’s been almost 7 years and CrossFit Resistance has been going strong.  With CrossFit came Olympic Lifting and that’s what my main focus is.

I’ve been competing in the sport for almost 4 years now and I can tell you that without the help of VFE and the team I wouldn’t in the shape I am today and injury free. Considering the first VFE office has been in CrossFit Resistance since its birth at the 695 S. Raymond location, my athletes have been taking full advantage of their service and haven’t looked back since. I’m a big believer in team work and having VFE apart of the team makes it all the better. 

As a husband and father it is quite difficult trying to compete as of late. The last time I competed, my wife was gracious enough to let me train the amount of hours I needed to. It becomes more and more of team work with everyone that’s involved just to get me up and training. It turns into a ridiculously religious schedule that every seems to be ok with. I’m grateful my wife understands the demands of this sport and between juggling co-running CFR, personal training private clients, Real Estate, and everything else in between I work off a pretty tight schedule.

It was originally very tough to align all of these priorities but with my wife and kids by my side we ended up running a smoother show. There’s always going to be difficulties and you’ll always run into situations where one thing favors the other but at the end of the day my priorities have shifted from being a single man to a husband and father of two.  This is where being a business owner comes in handy. You learn how to balance and solve things differently that transfer over to your daily and personal life. Everything moving forward doesn’t seem to hard to solve. You just take it one step at a time and under stand that most things will work themselves out.

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