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Team VFE

Vision for Enrichment (VFE) is a team of Certified Massage Practitioners providing Sport Specific Manual Therapy. VFE therapists are trained to apply specific techniques and modalities of deeper soft tissue work that are utilized to achieve quicker recovery, increased physical mobility, and pain reducing results. The treatment VFE provides is not a standard massage routine, but rather a personalized treatment session based on a consultation of your individual needs and goals.

VFE strives to provide ongoing support and education pertaining to the physical issue at hand, assessing root problematic areas contributing to the athlete’s concern. VFE takes into great consideration the value of understanding not only an individual’s sport of interest, but also exploring additional activities and personal contributing factors. We work close at hand with partnering Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and Medical Doctors that want to add extended soft tissue treatment to their patient’s treatment goals. Team VFE provides treatment to not only elite athletes, but all levels of athletics and physically active individuals. If you are sidelined from your sport or activity due to a physical injury, or in need of support to get back on the court, track, field, water or whatever your specific sport may be, then VFE’s Sport Specific Manual Therapy will support your path to getting back out there. We can also help those that would like to just have a fresh start, get rid of some nagging pain that has lingered for months or even years. It is never too late to get out doing what you enjoyed before. Let’s help you get a good start!

What we do

Not only does VFE work with athletes, physically active individuals, community clubs, social groups, sport events, and businesses throughout our communities in the SoCal area, but VFE serves as a home base for ongoing learning and development for Students & Certified Massage Practitioners seeking to begin and/or continue their career within the sports and athletic environment. VFE is also open to Internships/Externships.

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We value our partnerships throughout the communities we serve. Find out more about our sponsorships & partnerships! 

Client Testimonials

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VFE has helped 100’s of athletes & physically active individuals since 2010. The experience of working with athletes extends 30+ years. 

"Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding" ~Khalil Gibran

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