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William Anderson has over 35 years of Chia seed consulting experience.  He is recognized as the foremost pioneer of Chia seed food development and supported Chia seed crop proliferation worldwide. William was the first to standardize purity and quality protocols of Chia seeds to meet the USDA standards for being a food for human consumption.  He was the first to incorporate Chia seed products into the school food service program in California. William developed more than 150 formulas for sport enhancement products, child nutrition, pregnancy health products, beauty aid foods, diabetic approved formulas, and weight loss products.

He is an expert in pioneering new and innovative products and technologies as a market strategist. William Anderson has 20 years of product formulation experience and has written more than 30 articles on health and wellness and is featured in the book Chia Seeds: An Interview with William Anderson: A Simple Guide for a Healthy Lifestyle, by Paul E. DiPrizito

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